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Photo Tuan  Le Anh

Tuan Le Anh

Hanoi University of Science and Technology / School of Transportation Engineering

Specialty - Renewable energy policy and strategy
- Application of alternative fuels and fuel additives in internal combustion engines: bioethanol, FFV, biodiesel, synthetic fuels, CNG, LPG, hydrogen...
- Exhaust emissions, air pollution and measures for emission
Science Interest
Studying and working in the field of road transport emissions, emission measurements and emission models; advanced simulation tools for internal combustion engine.
Working on utilization of biodiesel (B5), bioethanol (E5 to E20) fuels; fuel additives.
Science Interest
- Alternative fuels (bio-ethanol, biodiesel, bio-oil, BTL, hydrogen, LPG);
- Mixture formation and combustion in IC. Engines;
- Fuel consumption improvement methods; emission measurements and emission reduction measures;
- Emission factors, emission
Science Interest
- Alternative energy including renewable energy, bio-fuels, synthetic fuels and gaseous fuels
- New combustion concept and internal combustion engine performance and exhaust emissions improvement
- Alternative power train systems for modern vehicles.
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