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Photo Teesid  Leelasawassuk

Teesid Leelasawassuk

National Electronics and Computer Technology Center

Specialty Image processing, computer vision, 3D reconstruction, 3D from motion, eye gaze tracker.
Science Interest
During my master degree, my research was focused on fingerprint matching and identification. The project involved image processing and pattern recognition.

After graduating the master, I was interested in 3D reconstruction and modelling, and eye tracking. I then proceeded to study a PhD. The PhD was focusing on using eye gaze tracker in computer vision. The research was to utilise a user's eye gaze as an input for a computer to identify an object of interest and trigger command, such as reconstructing the object's 3D model, identify the user's attention, etc.
Science Interest
I am now currently interested in virtual and augmented reality, and computer vision in a UAV drone. My current work is to develop a computer vision technique to identify wild-fire in an aerial video obtained from a UAV drone flying over a forest area.
Science Interest
I am interested in incorporating the use of AR/VR in various activities, such as daily life activities, machine operation, task evaluation, etc. The use of AR/VR is to guide the user to perform the task properly and efficiently as well as evaluate the process of the task.
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