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Photo Tin Maung Hlaing

Tin Maung Hlaing

Defence Services Medical Research Centre

Specialty I specialized in infectious diseases prevalent in Myanmar, in terms of epidemiology and modeling, prevention and control, diagnostic and genomic studies.
Science Interest
I was involved in the research on salmonellosis, hepatitis (A, B and C), HIV, TB, Diarrhoeal diseases and Malaria. Outbreak control of malaria, prevention of malaria using ITN, repellent, and chemoprophylaxis, drug trials using different antimalarials,and genomic studies,
Science Interest
Recently, I have done research on Malaria (malaria elimination), HPV, Hepatitis B, HIV, Melioidosis, and TB. I got to start microbiome studies in HIV patients of upper respiratory tract.
Science Interest
I wish to carry on with research on Malaria elimination, HIV/TB (HIV/TB/HIV+TB), Melioidosis, Rickettsia, HPV, influenza and microbiome studies.
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