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Photo Mai Thi Quynh Le

Mai Thi Quynh Le

Vice Director
National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology

Science Interest
- Conduct virology surveillance of National Dengue Surveillance project in Vietnam to improve Dengue viruses surveillance system, development controllability and prevention program.
- Monitor National influenza Program activities for understanding the evolution of seasonal influenza viruses.
- Detect human A/H5N1 infection, identification natural links between poultry outbreak and human endemic.
Science Interest
- Conduct molecular characterization of dengue viruses, which are circulating in Vietnam . To find biomarkers related to disease severity and dengue viral genome.
- To develop diagnostic instruments for HPAI H5N1 viruses base on smartphone application
Science Interest
- Continue to study on infectious diseases to understand immunology and pathogenesis, disease transmission, public health and epidemiology.

- Determine the genetic relationships of animal influenza and human influenza base on sharing and disparate g
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