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Photo Clara Alejandra Vasquez Velasquez

Clara Alejandra Vasquez Velasquez

PhD student
Institute of Tropical Medicine-Nagasaki University

Specialty Medical doctor with a Master in Tropical Medicine, with experience in molecular biology applied in Immunology and Genetics, and soon to obtain the PhD degree in Infectious Research at the Institute of Tropical Medicine and Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Nagasaki University

Fluent Conversation, reading and writing in English and Spanish language

Japanese basic level for conversation and reading.
Science Interest
During the early years of my practice as medical doctor, I focus on patient care. However, realizing the different tropical diseases endemic in my country and a lack of adequate research into these diseases, I decide to apply for a Group training course in clinical medicine and Research for Tropical Doctors sponsored by JICA. This gave me the exposure and interest to different life sciences research in tropical diseases. Following this, I acquired a Master in Tropical Medicine, specializing principally in Immunology and genetics, with vast experience in molecular biology.
Science Interest
Throughout my PhD fellowship in Japan, my research interest is focused on understanding how host-parasite immunology and genetics factors affect disease development and pathogenesis. My first work was focused on understanding the genetic variation (polymorphism) of Chymase and Tryptase genes in patients with severe cases of dengue in Asian population. In this research, we showed that alpha-tryptase have an effect on susceptibility to severe form of Dengue Infection. Recently, we performed a 12 month follow-up study in collaboration with the departmental program of Chagas Control in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, to assessed the efficacy of Benznidazole treatment in recent chronic Chagas school-age children using real-time quantitative PCR that targets Trypanosoma cruzi satellite DNA, and able to detect very low parasitemia and significant reduction after one year after treatment. completion.
Science Interest
Continue the pursue of finding Biomarkers to the early detection of complications in diseases such as chronic forms of Chagas, in severity of Dengue and Malaria. My ultimate goal is to develop a career as a physician-scientist and performed as a Clinical study/project manager, and be a key person between International Institutes and Guatemala for the purpose of improvement in strategic plans based on the sound and qualitative research for the control, treatment, and prevention of Tropical diseases especially Neglected tropical diseases in Guatemala. Also to work in the development of projects to improve preventive medicine in my country instead of spending money on just curative medicine
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