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Photo San Thi Pham

San Thi Pham

Head of Deparment
Institute of materials science, Department of material corrosion and protection

Specialty - Graduated Solid State, Hanoi Polytechnic University, Vietnam (1983)
- Training in Electrochemical Impedance Method at Katholic University of Leuven, Belgium.(1990)
- PhD. of Material Science (2005)
- Senior researcher (2008)
- 1984-2003: Study on co
Science Interest
- Study on the corrosion mechanism of materials in various environments (atmospheric, seawater, in soil, industrial, ...
- Research, develop and fabricate corrosion sensor for industrial applications.
- Research and implement anti-corrosion methods:
Science Interest
- Research and develop the proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC).
- Research and develop Bio fuel cell
- Research and develop the hydrogen production process by electrolysis technique using proton exchange membrane
- Corrosion research
- Plating
Science Interest
- Research and develop green energy sources based on electrochemical principles
+ Fuel cell research ( PEMFC, DMFC...)
+ Research and develop the Integrated system of green energy storages and power generation system: battery flowing, electrochemical su
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