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Photo Kenji  Hirayama

Kenji Hirayama

Professor, Dean
Institute of Tropical Medicine, Nagasaki University

Specialty Immunogenetics, Vaccinology, Human Immunology, Neglected Tropical Disease, Parasitology, Protozoology
Science Interest
Human major histocompatibility complex region had been our major interest in controlling susceptibility to tropical infectious diseases, such as Schistosomiasis, malaria, chagas and dengue. After that, we expanded our target genes whick are considered to be related to disease severuty.
Science Interest
Drug, vaccine and diagnostic development for the control of malaria, Chagas, Dengue, Leishmania, and Schistosomiasis. Traditional herbal medicine including KAMPO is one of our strategy to find unique medicine. Vaccine development is on going using DNA vaccine and nano-technology. Diagnostic tools are also designed by multiple target NTDs and multiplex beads for specific antibody capture.
Genetic susceptibility of both host and parasites is another interest for the laboratory. We are now establishing multi genes sequencing by NGS and next NGS involved in the relationships between host and parasites.
Science Interest
Cohort study to characterize individual susceptibility to malaria, chagas, schistosomiasis will be performed in endemic countries, Kenya, Nigeria, DRCongo, Myanmar, Bolivia, China and Philippines.
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