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Photo Tuyen Huu Pham

Tuyen Huu Pham

Lecturer, Researcher
School of Transportation Engineering, Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Vietnam

Specialty Area of Specialty:
- Design of Internal combustion engines
- Fuels and alternative fuels for Internal combustion engines
- Emission reduction technologies for internal combustion engines.
Science Interest
Research topics were carried out in the past:

- Fundametal and applied research on alternative fuels such as bioethanol, biodiesel, LPG, CNG, DME…;
- Novel approaches of exhaust after-treatment for transport vehicles: new catalytic materials, selective reduction catalyst, diesel oxidation catalyst, exhaust recirculation gas, non-thermal plasma, diesel particulate filter;
- Research on emission models and emission inventories, real world driving cycles for emission factors data bank;
- Optimization of engine design and efficiency using AVL advanced simulation tools;
- Fuel additives for fuel consumption and exhaust emission reduction;
- Design and manufacture electronic gasoline injection system to replace original carburated engines.
Science Interest
Beside the research topics mentioned above, we are carrying out some others:

- Developing a national green freight program in Vietnam
- Investigation of emission levels of in-use motorcycles when using E5 as fuel substituted for conventional gasoline RON92 in Vietnam.
Science Interest
With all topics mentioned above, we are planning in the future to do more researches on:
- Hybrid and electric vehicles
- Fuel cell technology
- Developing a Constant volume combustion chamber that can be used for studying on injection and combustion processes.
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