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Call for Scholarship

Japanese Government Scholarships related to e-ASIA JRP Projects 2014

1. Overview:

Provided by:
MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology), Japan

Scholarships to undertake a PhD related to one of the projects selected for funding in the e-ASIA JRP Joint Call:

2. Terms and Benefits of Scholarship

The Scholarship will be for a PhD lasting standard period of time required for the degree, and will cover:

  • All university / tuition fees, etc.
  • About 145,000 JPY (roughly 1,660 USD) per month allowance for accommodation and living expenses (amount will be determined in or after April 2014)
  • Economy class air travel to and from Japan at the beginning and end of the scholarship
    Students will attend lectures, and conduct research etc. at a Japanese university relevant to the e-ASIA JRP selected project

3. Requirements

  • Hold a Master’s Degree (or other academic achievement of the same level) from a university degree course relevant to the research project selected for the e-ASIA JRP
  • Be a regular (degree-seeking) student, in principle
  • Be able to demonstrate in their application that they would make a significant contribution to the relevant e-ASIA JRP selected project
  • Be a national of an e-ASIA JPR member country
  • Have been born on or after 2nd April 1979.
  • Obtain a College Student visa from the Japanese Embassy in the country of their nationality, prior to their arrival in Japan
  • Should be residing in the country of their nationality at the time of applying to this scholarship
  • Be physically and mentally healthy enough to pursue the course of study

If you cannot meet these requirements, please consult with the following person(s).
Emi Kaneko (Ms.)
Department of International Affairs
Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)
K's Gobancho
7 Gobancho, Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo 102-0076 Japan
Tel: +81-3-6261-0460 (direct)
Fax: +81-3-5214-7379

4. Application and Selection

Step 1: Applicants must submit the following documents to JST via their prospective supervisors at the Japanese university by the end of December 2013 for preliminary screening

  • Application form (prescribed form from MEXT)
  • Description of their major field of study and proposed research
  • Academic transcript from their previous university
  • Graduation certificate from previous university
  • Proof of excellent academic performance at their previous university (e.g. GPA, class ranking, etc.)
  • Abstracts of theses or academic publications
  • Proof of language ability / professional competence (e.g. English or Japanese language proficiency test scores, etc.)

Step 2: Applicants who pass JST screening should consult with e-ASIA JRP project PIs to go through the university admissions process – exams, interviews, etc. depending on the university


Step 3: If the applicant passes the JST screening and is admitted to the university, the university then gathers the required documents and submits them to MEXT on behalf of the applicant

MEXT makes the final decision regarding who is awarded a scholarship and informs the successful applicants

5. Further details

General scholarship details:
(* Please note that this page gives details on the MEXT scholarships in general, and so some sections and requirements are not relevant to these scholarships related to e-ASIA JRP projects)