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Activity Report


1st Forum @ Singapore
2nd Forum @ Tokyo, Japan

Annual Board Meeting

1st Annual Board Meeting @ Singapore
2nd Annual Board Meeting @ Jakarta, Indonesia
3rd Annual Board Meeting @ Vientiane, Lao PDR
4th Annual Board Meeting @ Yangon, Myanmar
5th Annual Board Meeting @ Auckland, New Zealand
6th Annual Board Meeting @ Cebu, Philippines
7th Annual Board Meeting @ Vladivostok, Russia
8th Annual Board Meeting @ Bangkok, Thailand
9th Annual Board Meeting @ Zoom Platform

Scientific Advisory Council Meeting

Scientific Advisory Council Meeting @ Malaysia
Scientific Advisory Council Meeting @ Thailand
Scientific Advisory Council Meeting @ Philippines
Scientific Advisory Council Meeting @ Cambodia
Scientific Advisory Council Meeting @ Vietnam

Symposium & Workshops

Symposium on "Infectious Diseases”,“Disaster Prevention”and“
  Advanced Interdisciplinary Research towards Innovation"
Workshop on "Disaster Prevention"
Workshop on "Renewable Energy"
Workshop on "Intelligent Infrastructure"
2nd Workshop on "Intelligent Infrastructure"
Workshop on "Disaster Risk Reduction and Management"
Workshop on "Emerging Infectious Disease and Cancer Priorities in South East Asia and the Pacific Rim" @ Yangon, Myanmar
Workshop on "Green and Bio Nanotechnology for Innovative Materials System" @ Tokyo, Japan
Workshop on "Green and Renewable Energy Technology for Sustainable Enviroment" @ Vientiane, Lao PDR
Workshop on "Strategy for genetic conservation and utilization of endangered or indigenous/native animal species in Asia" @ Bangkok, Thailand 2018.3.1-3.2
2nd Workshop on "Strategy for Conservation and Utilization of Animal Genetic Resources in Asia" was held in Tokyo (MIRAIKAN), Japan on October 10, 2018.
Workshop on "Cancer Research" @ Vladivostok, Russia  2018.8.24-8.25
Workshop on "Intelligent Infrastructure for Water" @ Hanoi, Vietnam 2019.2.21-2.22
Asia Pacific Scientific Workshop @Singapore 2019.3.3-3.4
Conference on "Climate Change and Natural Disasters" @Vladivostok, Russia 2019.8.13-8.14
Workshop on "Materials Informatics" via Zoom conference 2021.1.13-14
Webinar for Online Researcher and Research Resources Sharing by ZOOM 2021.3.11