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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to apply to e-ASIA JRP calls for proposals?

Researchers based in any of the countries of the call-participating e-ASIA member funding agencies are eligible to apply, subject to the specific eligibility conditions of each individual funding agency.

Please note that not all e-ASIA member funding agencies participate in any given call. In cases where the e-ASIA member funding agency is not participating in the call, researchers from that country are ineligible to apply.

Is it possible to involve a research team in the project even in cases where a member funding agency of that country is not participating in the call?

While such a research team cannot join as an e-ASIA project member, it can be involved as an external collaborator. If it is necessary to include its activity in your application to explain your project, the role of any external collaborator should be clearly identified in the application form since it is not subject to being evaluated in the e-ASIA application process.

Can researchers affiliated with international organizations apply to e-ASIA calls for proposals?
This is possible in cases where the member funding agency of the country where the international organization in question is based accepts applications from such researchers. Please consult with the concerned funding agency in advance.
Is it possible to apply with two PIs based in same country for a single project?
This is only possible in cases where the roles and responsibilities of the two PIs are clearly distinct and it is believed that it would be difficult to manage the project with a single PI. For example, assigning a senior researcher as a co-PI since the PI is a young researcher is not accepted. As for specific research contract conditions, please consult directly with the funding agency concerned.
I will not have sufficient time to prepare a proposal before the deadline. Are e-ASIA calls for proposals launched every year with similar themes and participating countries?
No. Call themes and participants vary from year to year and are decided in content by the e-ASIA member funding agencies in advance of each call.
In addition to the need to send an application to the e-ASIA JRP Secretariat, are there any other requirements for applicants?

In addition to the project application sent to the e-ASIA JRP Secretariat, participating funding agencies of each country may individually require an additional separate domestic application from applicants. These individual requirements of each participating funding agency are described in the Appendix of the call guidelines and applicants are encouraged to contact the contact person of the concerned funding agency in advance.

In cases where an application was submitted to the e-ASIA JRP Secretariat but any of the domestic applications required by the involved funding agencies is missing the entire application will be deemed ineligible.

Is there an upper limit to the number of team members which can be included in a single proposal?
No, there is no such limit as long as these research members are deemed necessary for implementing your research proposal.
Are there any formatting restrictions for the application form, such as in terms of font size and margins?
No, but it is recommended that application forms are submitted with size 10 to 12 fonts since small font sizes will make it difficult for evaluators to read the proposal.
Is e-ASIA JRP able to introduce interested researchers to potential collaborators based in other countries?
No, the Program does not provide a service to help interested researchers find collaborators.