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Design of Innovative Sustainable Urban Mobility in Asia (DISUMA)
Principal Investigator / Affiliation Hironori Kato (Full Professor) / The University of Tokyo flag Japan Japan
Saksith Chalermpong (Associate Professor) / Chulalongkorn University flag Thailand Thailand
Muhammad Zudhy IRAWAN (Ph.D.) / Gadjah Mada University flag Indonesia Indonesia
Year Adopted 2023
Research Period 3 years
General Description of the Research Project This collaborative research aims to perform international case studies incorporating participatory processes of stakeholders for proposing guidelines towards the development of sustainable mobility system in Asia. The Japanese research team will design and lead the study process, supervising the entire research activities through organizing participatory workshops with international comparisons of case studies while Thai and Indonesian teams will perform case analyses on sustainable mobility strategies in each country, where local contexts and unique solutions against local challenges are investigated.
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Principal Investigator / Country of Research Team
Photo Hironori Kato

Hironori Kato

flag Japan
Photo Saksith Chalermpong

Saksith Chalermpong

flag Thailand
Photo Muhammad Zudhy IRAWAN

Muhammad Zudhy IRAWAN

flag Indonesia