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Tools to diagnose carcinogenic liver fluke infection
Principal Investigator / Affiliation Alexander Loukas (Distinguished Professor) / James Cook University flag Australia Australia
Olga Fedorova (Department Head) / Siberian State Medical University flag Russia Russia
Philip Felgner (Professor) / University of California, Irvine flag USA USA
Thewarach Laha (Associate professor) / Khon Kaen University flag Thailand Thailand
Year Adopted 2019
Research Period 2019 - 2023
General Description of the Research Project This program aims to develop molecular tests to diagnose carcinogenic infections with parasitic liver flukes. Throughout Eurasia, ingestion of raw or undercooked fish infected with Opisthorchis species flukes leads to infection, which over decades culminates in fatal liver cancer. Sensitive point-of-care tests to diagnose fluke infection are urgently needed and will be the focus of this proposal.
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Principal Investigator / Country of Research Team
Photo Alexander Loukas

Alexander Loukas

flag Australia
Photo Olga Fedorova

Olga Fedorova

flag Russia
Russian Federation
Photo Philip Felgner

Philip Felgner

flag USA
the United States
Photo Thewarach Laha

Thewarach Laha

flag Thailand
Project members / Country of Research Team
flag Australia