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Promotion of photodynamic medicine for cancer
Principal Investigator / Affiliation Shun-ichiro Ogura (Associate Professor) / Tokyo Institute of Technology flag Japan Japan
Anom Bowolaksono (Doctor / Associate Professor) / Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) flag Indonesia Indonesia
Taifo Mahmud (Professor) / Oregon State University flag USA USA
Year Adopted 2021
Research Period 3 years
General Description of the Research Project This cooperative research project aims to develop a new platform of aminolevulinic acid based photodynamic medicine that can be used for different p urposes, ranging from screening of early stage cancer s, diagnosis, to total treatment of cancers. Simultaneously, we will screen and develop small molecules that can improve the efficiency of photodynamic medicine
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Principal Investigator / Country of Research Team
Photo Shun-ichiro Ogura

Shun-ichiro Ogura

flag Japan
Photo Anom Bowolaksono

Anom Bowolaksono

flag Indonesia
Photo Taifo Mahmud

Taifo Mahmud

flag USA
the United States