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Sustainable Pathways to Expand ASEAN Renewables
Principal Investigator / Affiliation Xiaogang He (Assistant Professor) / National University of Singapore (NUS) flag Singapore Singapore
Kei Yoshimura (Professor) / The University of Tokyo flag Japan Japan
Alan D. Ziegler (Professor) / Maejo University flag Thailand Thailand
Year Adopted 2022
Research Period 3 years
General Description of the Research Project This project aims to identify sustainable and optimal pathways to expand ASEAN renewables. We will develop a novel integrated water-energy planning model to quantify how improved representation of short-term cascade reservoir operations could enhance grid resilience, increase long-term economic opportunities, and help inform investment strategies in a high-renewables system. Our analytical tools can guide strategic planning of hydropower, pumped storage, transmission lines and other solar/wind infrastructure to facilitate ASEAN to transit to a clean and resilient grid under climate change
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Principal Investigator / Country of Research Team
Photo Xiaogang He

Xiaogang He

flag Singapore
Republic of Singapore
Photo Kei Yoshimura

Kei Yoshimura

flag Japan
Photo Alan D. Ziegler

Alan D. Ziegler

flag Thailand