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Photo Theingi Win Myat

Theingi Win Myat

Deputy Director
Virology Research Division, Department of Medical Research

Specialty Medical Microbiology
Science Interest
I got training on aflatoxin and pesticide contamination of food at Central Food Technology Research Institute, Mysore, India and carried out research projects on pesticide and aflatoxin contamination of food in 2003-2005. Then I joined M.Med.Sc (Microbiology) course in 2003 and my thesis was "A study of Escherichia coli and its toxins from some food in two townships of Yangon City". I also carried out research project on "Verotoxin producing E. coli in grilled meat". Since 2010, I was involved in "Sentinel Surveillance of Rotavirus Diarrhea" project and "Dengue serotype surveillance" project. In 2015, I achieved PhD (Medical Microbiology) with my thesis on "Intra-host and Inter-host genetic diversity of dengue virus strains in children with dengue infection".
Science Interest
The projects currently I am carrying out as Principal Investigator are:
1. Rotavirus sentinel surveillance in Myanmar: Burden of Disease, seasonality, and circulating P and G genotypes in children under 5 years
2. Identification of dengue virus serotypes in children and adults with dengue infection admitted to Yangon Children Hospital and Yangon General Hospital
3. Detection of norovirus in children under five years of age admitted for diarrhea to Yabgon Children Hospital
4. PREDICT ? Surveillance for emerging zoonotic disease threats and behavioral risk characterization in high-risk communities in Myanmar
Science Interest
I will keep doing the present works with emphasis on molecular virology and advanced techniques.
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