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Photo Moe-Moe  San

Moe-Moe San

Professor / Senior Consultant Physician
Department of Tropical and Infectious Diseases Department, University of Medicine - 1, Yangon; Yangon General Hospital

Specialty Served as a general internal medicine specialist in district and tertiary referral hospitals in Myanmar.
Also worked in general medical unit, rheumatology and rehabilitation departments in UK.
Have taught, coached and mentored graduate and post-graduate medical students, and doctoral students.
Contributed in SOP (standard operating procedures), and hospital clinical management guidelines.
Member of the integrated curriculum development committee for the University of Medicine - 1, Yangon: drafting and revising curricular modules in transforming medical education in Myanmar;
Member of quality management for the University of Medicine - 1, Yangon;
Member of the Academic Board of Studies of University of Medicine - 1, Yangon;
Clinical management, and surveillance system establishment and strengthening of acute influenza epidemic in Myanmar in 2017.
Science Interest
- Degree of immune suppression, manifestations of pulmonary Tuberculosis and anti-TB drug resistance in HIV-TB co-infected patients;
- Pulmonary Tuberculosis in HIV sero-positive patients;
Science Interest
- Pattern of drug resistance in diabetic TB patients;
- Clinical manifestations and disease severity markers in different sero-types of adult Dengue infection;
- Risk factors for anti-TB induced liver injury among TB patients;
Science Interest
- Association of venom concentration and coagulopathy in Rusell's viper bite;
- Common causes of fever with jaundice in Myanmar;
- Common causes of of encephalitis in Myanmar;
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