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Significance of Multilateral Cooperation

1. Symbolic implication of establishment of multilateral collaboration mechanism in science and innovation in the region

(1) Formulating Asian Research Area similar to European Research Area (ERA)

(2) Indicating direction of science and technology based development of the region

2. Opportunities: Merits of multilateral research collaboration (1)

(1) Provision of systematic opportunities for enhancing level of scientific and technological potential

(2) Provision of systematic opportunities for research exchange and brain circulation

(3) Expansion of opportunities for collaboration with countries outside ASEAN

(4) provision of systematic opportunities for open innovation in the East Asia

(5) Provision of research opportunities for the East Asian researchers who are currently staying outside the region

3. Synergy effects and beyond: Merits of multilateral research collaboration (2)

(1) Best of best research teams can be formed.

(2) Various research resources (researchers, facilities, resources, natural conditions etc.) can be integrated.

(3) Synergy, complementary and leverage effects can be expected.

(4) Awareness of issues and solutions can be shared (information sharing).

(5) Common issues can be tackled in collective approach.

4. Effective coordination by the secretariat

(1) Providing functions for systematic matching of interests and project formation

(2) Providing functions for systematic dissemination and exploitation of research results